People need fairy tales! Tales need people!

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Fairy tales



About the project

Dear reader!

АняStories -- childhood is a magic country, in which we invite you cordially.
Read and reread funny and kind story about a girl and her friends Anna!
Paints! Play the game! And come to us again!
We are working on new stories and we will update the website as they become available.
And in the future you will also be able to take our colorful books, games and coloring in your hands!
Let the fairy tale is always with you!

Sincerely, Authors

About us

О нас. Портрет01

Natalia Lalina

- author of fairy tales, writer
Tacoma, Washington, USA

О нас. Портрет02

Andrei Lialin

- illustrator,
Web Designer

О нас. Портрет03

Girl Anya

- the main character of the stories
about Anya and her friends,
high school student
Tacoma, Washington, USA

О нас. Портрет04

Justin Doni

- producer of the project
Tacoma, Washington, USA

To contact us

We welcome your feedback and comments!

Наш адрес Anyastories2012@gmail.com

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